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Best of Animation 1

Price: 20,00 € 10,00 €
DVD Mailorder  |  DVD-5  |  PAL 4:3  |  Deutsch  |  Region: free  |  65 min.  |  2006  |  German  |  Subtitles: english (not for all films)  |  FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung  |  Label: Absolut Medien
Animations from the german festival of animated films of Stuttgart 2006.
Concise and exact stories told with whole scope of the different techniques of trickfilms like puppeteering, 3D computer animation, or cartoon.

From over 1600 festival submissions these films were handpicked for this compilation of the best animated films from all over the world. It proves that animation is a whole lot more than a genre for children but a vital and innovative art form that combines entertainment and demand in a perfect way.

The DVD brings the winners of the Trickfilm of Stuttgart, along with works nominated for an Academy Award as well as favorites of the audience.
DVD Extras:
The booklet (in german only) has a two pages description of the selected films by the director of the festival.
  Best of Animation 1 Best of Animation 1
Movies on this DVD:
01 "Gopher Broke" | Jeff Fowler | USA | 2004 | 4:18 min
02 "Kutoja - the last knit" | Laura Nervonen | FI | 2005 | 7 min
03 "Morir de amor" ("Dying of love") | Gil Alkabetz | ES | 12:40 min
04 "Kein Platz für Gerold" ("No place for Gerold") | Daniel Nocke | 2006 | DE | 4 min
05 "História trágica com final feliz" ("Tragic story with happy ending") | Regina Pessoa | PT  | 2006 | 7 min (english version with german subtitles)
06 "Guard Dog" | Bill Plympton | 2004| USA | 5 min
07 "Kernseif" | Alexander Kies, Sebastian Stolle | DE | 3:30 min
08 "Jam Session" | Izabela Plucinska | DE | 9:30 min (Polish version with English subtitles)
09 "Ego sum Alpha et Omega" | Jan-Peter Meier | DE |2005| 7:14 min
10 "Overtime" | Oury Atlan, Damien Ferrié, Thibault Berland | FR | 2004| 4:55 min
Festivals & Awards
Film Credits
Press Ratings
"Tragic Story with Happy Ending"
2006: The Special International Jury Prize (Hiroshima), the Grand Prix (Mecal), prize at AniMadrid, nomination for the Cartoon d’Or, Animation Award (Granada), Best Animation Film (Caminhos do Cinema Português), Special Jury Award (Anifest Trebon, Check Republic), 1º Quality Prize (Centre National de la Cinématographie), Grand Prix (SICAF, South Korea), 1º Prize (Festival Courts-Métrages de l’Hospital Júlio de Matos), Grand Prix et Prize TPS Cinéculte for a Short Film (Annecy), Screening Award (Melbourne) Nominated for the Cartoon D’Or, Menzione Speciale (Montecatini), Special International Jury Prize (Hiroshima) Silver Tatoo– (Jornada da Bahia), Audience Prize  (Ovarvídeo), Special Distinction Award (CICDAF China), Honorable Mention: Arts (Columbus USA), Best Animation (Interfilm Berlin), Special Mention (L’Alternativa- Spain-), Premio speciale per l’animazione (Siena), Jury's Special Mentioning (Animated Dreams Estonia), Special Mention (Curta Cinema Brazil), Jury's Honorable Mention 10º Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira). 2007: Coup de Coeur du Jury  (Festival du Film Court Francophone Vaulx en Velin ), Nomination 27 Genie Awards (Canada), Tricky Women Award –axaequo-Vienna), Jury Award (South by Southwest, USA), Special Mention (Nashville), Le Lutin for Best Animation (Les Lutins du Court Métrage, Best Short Film (Toronto International Portuguese film Festival),
Audience Choice Award for Best Film (Platform International Animation Festival Portland).

"Guard Dog"
Oscar Nomination at the Academy Awards 2005.
Best Animated short (Toronto World of Comedy international Film Festival 2005).

Awards: Honorary Mention in the category Computeranimation/ Visual Effects at Prix Ars electronica Linz;
3. Place in the category education/shorfilm at Animago Award 2005.

"Morir de Amor"
Specially Worthwhile and Short Film of the Month (Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden), Audience Prize and Special Mention (Dokfestival Leipzig),
AnyZone Award (Holland Animation Film Festival), Best in its category (Cinanima Espinho), International Audience Award (Short Cuts Cologne), Special Jury Prize (Castelli Animati), Short Film Award of the F.W.Murnau Foundation 2005),Grand Prix (Bimini Riga),Grand Jury Prize (ANIMA 2005, Córdoba  Argentina), Platinum Remi (Short Classic Animation category) World Fest Houston (Texas), Grand Prix and Audience Award (AniFest Czech Rupublic), Special Mention (Regensburg), Special Mention of the Jury (Etiuda&Anima Cracow), Best Story (Tallinn), Best Animation (Siena), u.a.
Morir de amor
While their owner is having his siesta, two old caged parrots rake up memories from the past.
This leads to unexpected consequences for the three of them.

Idea, Script, Direction, Animation, Artwork: Gil Alkabetz.
Post-Production, Soundeffects, Production Management: Nurit Israeli.
Production Management, Scratching, Post-Production: Sonja Mueller. More Artwork: Sabine Huber
Voice Talents:Nicky Goldstein, Johannes Warth, Nanny Fornis, Walter Becker.
Sound Design: Jürgen Swoboda.
"Morir de Amor" Text and Melody by Charles Aznavour © Editions Musicales Djanik, Spanish Version.
Jaime Israel MeridaSang by Charles Aznavour and Compay Segundo. Courtesy of EMI Music France and Dro East-West Spain.
"Amor Inolvidable" Melody by Gil Alkabetz, arrangement: Ady Cohen
Film Recording: Robert Mack, Spot Service
Financial Support: MFG: Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg (Film Fund of Baden-Württemberg), Kuratorium junger deutscher Film (Board of Trustees for Young German Film), BKM - die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs). Production: Gil Alkabetz, Sweet Home Studio.

Kein Platz für Gerold
Buch, Regie: Daniel Nocke
Gestaltung: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Character-Modeling: Volker Willmann
Setbau: Michael Hipp, Marc Keil
Texturing: Thomas Grummt
Lighting/Rendering: Michael Hipp
Animation: Anja Perl, Heidi Wittlinger, Volker Willmann
Sound: Floridan Studios
Förderung: MFG Baden-Württemberg, Filmförderungsanstalt, Kuratorium
Produktion: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 2006.

A troupe of small Kermit-like puppets find their creator lying on his bench and have to eventually come to understand his death.

Technique: Computer animation
Country: France. Written and Directed and Animated by Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrie.
Music by Sielberman Ochestra, Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony Mills and Mark Nelson
Produced by Supinfocom Valenciennes

Gopher Broke
A gopher finds himself on a road where trucks are hauling produce to market. He hits on the idea of shaking some of the produce loose for himself, but other animals always beat him to the booty.

Ego sum Alpha and Omega is an animation that looks like comics in motion, with a neat and smooth style. Being deprived of his identity, Ego Sum becomes a part of an alienated collective.
Jan-Peter Meier, Creature Park, Kunsthochschule Kassel /Pencil on paper, 3D computer, 2D computer

Tragic Story with Happy Ending
Some people are different. All what they whish is to be like to the others, deliciously mixing among the crowd...
»the film selection is a little bit arbitrary, which in itself is not a bad criterion. It would have been helpful to specify which films were prizewinners in Stuttgart and which ones were chosen by the festival audience. Unfortunately, two german productions, which are strongly based on dialogue, have no english subtitles. The booklet has a two good pages description of the films by Ulrich Wegenast«

Jeanpaul Goergen (

»Kutoja is the amusing 7-minute story of a woman who cannot stop knitting at any price. The 33-year-old Neuvonen does not acknowledge that it is a self-portrait: -Everyone has their own obsessions, but knitting is not one of my hobbies!-«

 Harri Römpotti (Helsingin Sanomat International Edition)

Izabela Plucinska on her film Jam Session:
»Two glass surfaces are used to achieve feelings of dimentionality and escaping from flatness. In my films I want to mix surreal feelings which are given by the image of clay sculpturing with feelings of reality - which give for example sound effects of existing real things (like step sounds, real voices, etc.).«

 »The jury of The VUE Animation Award chose Overtime for its pitch perfect balance of stunning music, visual story and faultless production values. It is not only a truly moving tribute to MUPPET SHOW creator Jim Henson and a celebration of animation, but is also sophisticated and and gratifying«
The VUE Animation Award
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