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Short films also as DVD Download
Welcome to ShortFilmAgency’s ShortFilmShop

DVDs, books, and more you can find - as usual - in the Short Film Agency’s Online Shop. New to the shop are selected shortfilms from our sales catalogue which are available as a DVD download from now on. The customer is able to burn the downloaded DVD image file onto a blank DVD and can enjoy the short film of his choice on his computer or on a TV with a DVD player attached. A PDF file with the DVD cover for print out is included as well...

The films of our sales database are also available on DVD. We will calculate 20 Euro for producing plus shipping costs.

Information and stills of the films you will find here:
For ordering please send an e-mail to:

From our stock
Slide - Yuki Kawamura

25,00 €
The Bed-Wetter

3,00 €

3,00 €
Flux Film Anthology

28,00 €

Lost and Found - Six Glances at a GenerationNurtured in war and turmoil, raised in fragile democracies, the first post-Communist generation of young men and women from Central and Eastern Europe is now poised to play a leading role in the world.

15,00 € 7,50 €
Mo & Friese Zu Besuch

10,00 €
New Products [more...]
Peter Pewas - Films 1932-67

24,90 €
Maya Deren - Experimental films

24,00 €
Hans Richter - Early Works

24,00 €
Food For Thought - Triny Prada

10,00 €
Bestseller [more...]
Fork Lift Driver Klaus - The first day on the Job

10,00 € 5,00 €
4 Films by Virgil Widrich

19,50 € 9,75 €
Do Whatever You like - 11 short films about changing nature of work

11,95 €
T-Shirt ShortFilmFestival 2005 - New Edition

15,00 €

Special Offers [more...]
Dietmar Brehm – Black garden

36,00 € 18,00 €

24,00 € 12,00 €
Von tanzenden Zigaretten und Elchen - Geschichte des deutschen Animationsfilms VI

14,90 € 7,45 €

25,00 € 12,50 €